About Invest In Youth

Our City’s children and youth deserve to be loved, believed in, and cared for. They deserve to grow up in strong, healthy, whole communities regardless of their zip code, family background, culture, identity, and ability.

When youth have the support they need to grow, learn, and cope through challenging times they are able to succeed, thrive, and determine their lives.


The Invest In Youth campaign is organized by the Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach Youth Committee, which serves to  

and support by Khmer Girls in Action, 

Youth members of Khmer Girls in Action and our allies in the Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach Youth Committee, in partnership with Advancement Project and CSULB, surveyed over 750 Long Beach residents on what resources and programs our communities need to succeed and thrive.

The survey results revealed a disconnect between what residents valued as priorities and how our city plans to spend down public dollars.  7 out of 10 residents support an increase of public funds for youth programs and 80% of those surveyed believe that the best way to make our communities safer is to invest in community- based youth development programs.

However, Long Beach’s current budget priorities does not reflect our community’s voice.  Not all youth and teens have access to positive youth development programs and resources to reach their full potential.  Only 5% of the city’s 2018 adopted budget is allocated to youth programs and services, with a foreseeable decrease in the years ahead.  A closer look at how our city spends down public dollars shows that only $204 is spent on positive development programs per youth but an overwhelming $10,500 is spent on suppression for each youth arrest.

A balanced budget is equitable and ensure that all young people have the resources they need to thrive. Our future starts today and this is why now is the time to invest in youth!