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The Long Beach Invest in Youth Coalition is a citywide network of grassroots organizations and community members who believe that all young people should be loved, believed in and cared for!

Yet, nearly one-third of the city's population of youth under age 18 live in poverty. And districts with the highest youth population also have the highest concentration of poverty. 

Through leadership development, advocacy, and participatory budgeting we work together to ensure that our city's youth population can thrive in strong, healthy, and whole communities no matter their zip code, age, race, ability, income, or immigration status.

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The Long Beach Invest in Youth Coalition is powered by youth, community leaders, voters, and organizations that empower young people. By working together we build a multiracial democracy and institutionalize shared-governance so that the power to shape public budgets is shared with those who are historically and systemically excluded from resources and decision-making.

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Since 2017, the Long Beach Invest in Youth Coalition has improved the conditions for young people and their families. Through our work with young people, City leaders, and community partners we have brought forth:

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